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Global Warming Hoax

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Global Warming is a hoax. It is not happening. Contrary to what the Lügenpresse claim, over 97% of the worlds scientists deny it. This website will guide you in the vast literature which exposes the hoax. Here is the best introductory video on the subject by Burt Rutan. He has designed 47 record setting aircraft including the Voyager. It was the first aircraft to fly around the world without refueling.

Carbon dioxide is not a greenhouse gas. It is yummy plant food without which almost all life on earth would cease. The atmosphere concentration of CO2 is currently 400 parts per million (ppm). Should it ever fall below 200 ppm, all plant life on earth will die. The increase in CO2 in the last 50 years has caused crop yields to increase round the world. Write us with suggestions for links and articles that will help us expose the hoax. We report all spammers.

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5 December, 2017